Join the Movement

It’s understandable that we’re all a bit tired of social distancing, but the one-metre rule is as important now as it ever was. In fact, in the new norm, respecting each other’s personal space is absolutely essential to control the spread of the virus, protect our communities & make sure we all stay healthy, happy & safe.


& it doesn’t need to be hard. Actually, it could be a lot of fun. A chance to get creative and have a bit of a laugh. That’s exactly what the Norms are trying to show us.


So be like a Norm.

Show how much you care

by practicing social distancing

inside & in the open air.


How to be a Norm...

  1. Practice social distancing at all times when you are in public. (Bonus points for wearing a mask!)

  2. Get creative with how you #respectthedistance. Extend-a-trend accessories, keep-away games, or some other genius idea that brings you & your friends together, whilst staying safely apart.

  3. Show off your brilliance on Instagram & be sure to tag us – @ThisIsNormville

  4. Join the movement by using the hashtags: #normvilleknowsbest, #distancewithstyle, #welcometonormville #itsametreofloveandcare #howwerollnow

The Creators of Normville

Normville & its inhabitants were created by the creative bunch at JDO, an award-winning, international design team that exists to change how people think & feel, & what they believe.


JDO has worked with some of the world’s most famous brands, providing creative solutions that trigger emotions, forge connections, & deliver unforgettable experiences. 


This project was done for love & born out of the belief that design can make a difference in the lives of people around the world. We hope that Normville can reinforce & re-energise the message of social distancing in a way that is  positive, effective & possibly a bit of fun.