Norman Day


Norman Day isn’t out to burst anyone’s bubble. He’ll happily scuttle across the street to stay in the clear, but his hat combats anyone who comes too near.

Norma Fierce


Norma Fierce uses her personal style to preserve her personal space. Her 'extend-a-trend' fashion keeps the on-lookers at bay so she can sashay and slay for another day.

Marko & Marco


For Marko & Marco, this is how they roll. Never too far apart and never too close together. Still connected heart-to-heart and friends forever.

Typical Pickle

SausageDog_1080_SQ copy.jpg

Typical Pickle helps his master Alister McCallister get his much-needed exercise in the fresh air. Extra-long walks with the extra-long dachshund is the way to stay extra-safe.

Penny Plain


Penny Plain's pigtails and her fabulous foam finger. Guard her from those who dare to come near her. She's as sweet as can be, that is no doubt, but get in her way and she WILL point it out!


DJ Tu Close


DJ Tu Close with his boombox are winning.

Giving him space while dancing & spinning.

Come too close and he'll pump up the speakers. While bustin' a move in his fresh red sneakers.